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The A-To-Z Of Buying The Perfect Yoga Mat

Yoga is great for people of every age and has many benefits, including better posture, great strength and sustained weight loss. Also, practicing yoga is easier than ever. You don’t need to spend a fortune on getting gym memberships, and the only investment is a good mat. Yoga mats have been around for quite some time, and these work and help in getting more from every session. If you are new to buying mats for yoga and Pilates, here are some of the basics that need attention.

The need for yoga mats

Yoga can be practiced anywhere, but it is essential that you have good feet and hand support as you do the poses. There are varied kinds of mats in the market that you can look for. The common ones are made of PVC and works wonders for daily use. Even a few years back, people didn’t pay much attention to mats, simply because they never knew the benefits. Yoga mats are designed to avoid any kind of skidding and slipping, so that you can continue doing the movements. Also, mats are now being textured with special bumps, mainly to add more traction for the hands and feet. For those who are just starting with yoga, a mat is a great way to avoid unwanted injuries.


Picking the right one

There are many things that matter in choosing the right yoga mat. The very first thing is the length, which should be enough for your height. If you are more than 6 feet tall, make sure that you get an extra-long mat. As for the thickness, the standard choice is 1/8 inch, but if you are looking for that extra cushioning, you can buy heavy mats that have thickness up to ¼ inch. Heavy mats need more space, so these aren’t exactly great for traveling needs. One of the other things that need attention is the material. Make sure that you make a sensible choice that takes all aspects like maintenance into consideration. Many people like the whole idea of getting eco friendly mats, which aren’t a bad choice but materials like cotton and jute need frequent washing and don’t last as long as PVC mats.


How to buy?

You can opt to compare yoga mats by checking a few websites that have all kinds of reviews. You can read about brands and the options available in terms of design, style and more. Some websites even offer special coupons and discounts for better deals. Yoga mat isn’t an everyday purchase, and therefore, it makes sense to buy a better option, if your budget permits. Take your time to know more about the color choices, although it isn’t a great idea to get light colors, given that you would need to clean these mats frequently. Also, if you intend to travel a lot, there are ultra thin designs that are easy to carry around. There are also washable mats, which are great if you want regular cleaning.


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