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Dentistry by Multidisciplinary Approach

Multidisciplinary means when various specialties of same common field work together to solve a particular problem. As most of you must be knowing that dental problems have become one of the major cause of worry to different people. It is said that tooth ache is one of the worst pain a person can experience.

As rated, tooth pain is said to be 2nd most worse pain only after the labor pain. So, this is a cause of worry for many people to find the right place to get their problem treated. The solution is one of the most powerful tools and one of the most common “internet”.

As all the information regarding dental clinics is available online, so what you have to do is that just click on the website of a particular clinic and look out for all the information you want like location of clinic, parking space availability, modern technology availability, treatment options available, degree and qualification of practicing dentist, cost effectiveness and others.

You don’t have to run all around your respective city to search for this information, you just have to click on a website of particular dental clinic like http://centredentairestonge.com and find out all the information you require.

Multidisciplinary dental clinics

With the advancement of knowledge in different fields, all these fields are growing to their top level. Similar is the case with dentistry. Earlier people used to go to any dentist for treating their dental problems but now the scenario is different. People nowadays prefer to go to a specialist dentist for getting their problem corrected. Even the clinics have been opened in big cities by multidisciplinary approach.

These days clinics have come up with 7-8 dental chairs installed and a big area just like a superspeciality hospitals. Such clinics employ specialist dentists from each and every dental speciality so that any patient coming to their clinic with any dental problem can get a specialist treatment. There are different sub specialities in dentistry like:

  1. Oral medicine and radiology: this branch deals with diagnosis of dental problems and treatment of oral mucosal diseases along with interpretation of x-rays involving teeth and surrounding structures.
  2. Periodontics: this branch deals with gum problems.
  3. Conservative dentistry: this branch deals with cavities in teeth.
  4. Oral surgery: this branch deals with extraction of teeth and all the surgical procedures.
  5. Orthodontics: this branch deals with malaligned teeth.
  6. Prosthodontics: this branch deals with missing teeth.
  7. Pedodontics: this branch deals with dental problems of children.