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Effective Modes of Treatment to Reduce the Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Dry eyes is a common issue that everyone experiences at some point in life. Dryness of eyes happens due to lack of adequate moisture required to keep eyes wet. In medical terms it means your tear system isn’t able to secrete the required tear proportion. It can occur at any age even if the person is quite healthy and fit. Generally, it has been observed that elderly people and women are more subjected to endure the discomfort of dry eyes.

How actually this issue of eyes occur?

Tear is a mixture of water, oil, mucus and antibodies. The water keeps the eye moisturized, the oil keeps the whole eye parts lubricated, the mucus help in even spreading of water and oil and antibodies aid in evading infections.

Al these components are secreted from special tear glands. Healthy pair of eyes are always having fluid commonly known as tear film. This helps to keep the surface of eyes smooth and aid in visualizing clearly. If the tears secreted are less, then the tear film becomes unable to protect eyes from inflammation.

The unstable condition of the fluid make eyes dry as less moisture gets evaporated at faster rate.  It even occurs due to less secretions of the moisture needed for stable functioning of human visual system. Even in the imbalance of the proportions of the elements required for making the tear film may result in dry eyes.

Even the deficiency of Vitamin A, eyes subjected to radiation, person suffering from diabetes or experiencing symptoms of Sjogren’s syndrome can lead to have dry eyes. One of the side effects of repeated eye surgeries can be dry eyes. Some medications and constant use of contact lenses can be reason for dry eyes.

The symptoms of dry eyes:

  • The eyes remain dry, thus you suffer from inflammation along the edge of eyelids..
  • Have irritations in eyes like some sand particle is sticking.
  • Formation of mucus around the eyes.
  • Feel difficulty in opening the eyes.
  • Experience blurred vision and double vision.
  • Eyelids remain stuck together while waking up.

By applying ointments and artificial tear drops the problems of dry eyes can be reduced, however you need to have eyes checked by experienced optometrist. You can ask the physician what is dry eye disease and effective ways of treatment for reducing the symptoms. If required the physician will do temporary punctual occlusion to increase the secretion of tear fluids.