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Growth hormone (HGH)

Last week I promised you that we would like to look at some aspects in the newsletter from this week on that will greatly benefit your performance but also your health (including injury prevention). It deals with topics such as the immune system, training (strength and speed) and nutrition.

Today we start with the topic growth hormone (HGH = Human growth Comprar Boldenone Undecylenate en Espana en llnea hormone). Somatotropin. It is probably the most fascinating hormone in our body. A chain of 191 amino acids. It allows bones and muscles to grow, hair to sprout, fat to melt, skin folds and deposits in blood vessels to disappear. If you have enough of it! This is exactly the problem if you are older than puberty. I guess that will be around 100% of the newsletter readers.

If you train like crazy without moving forward, do strength training without showing muscle growth, then you probably have too little of this “wonder hormone”. By the way, you are not alone in this. However, this last finding doesn’t get you any further.

When you go to sleep in the evening, your pituitary gland wakes up. This small hormone gland at the base of your skull produces HGH, among other things. However, the amount decreases rapidly from puberty. Until you take care of your hormone levels in old age. In numbers: At 40, your pituitary gland produces only about half of the somatropin that it produced when you were 20. The trend continues to fall! The result is age-related changes in body composition, that is: the muscles are gradually reduced, fat mass builds up, the body fat percentage increases, hair becomes gray and light, the connective tissue weakens, bones become porous, … I guess you know what I mean. A look in the mirror is usually enough. But: if the muscles break down or change, you can no longer run fast! There are always injuries.

Of course, you can do something about it. In the 1990s, thousands of 60-80-year-old HGH patients were injected in the United States. Result? The negative effects of the hormone deficiency mentioned above have been stopped and reversed. The patients almost became young again. There were extensive studies on this back in 1991.

You can have that too. Find an anti-aging clinic that injects HGH! But pfuuuiiii! This is nothing more than doping. We don’t want that. No way! It is also incredibly expensive and the side effects of such hormone treatment are not fully understood. So this is not a practical way.

So what then? Is there a way to get your HGH (somatropin) levels up naturally? Simple, legal and without any side effects. The good news: yes! The bad news: as always, not without effort!

Dr. Strunz found the following for this in “Physiology of Humans” from 2010. I quote the following list:

в—Џ       Growth hormone is “stimulated by amino acids, especially arginine “.

в—Џ       Growth hormone is stimulated by dopamine and norepinephrine. Both are made from phenylalanine. Another essential amino acid.

в—Џ       Growth hormone is stimulated by serotonin. Our happiness hormone, also called chief hormone, because it makes you confident. If you have it. And where does that come from? Made from tryptophan. Another essential amino acid. You get as a NEM.

в—Џ       Growth hormone is stimulated by thyroid hormones. Which the body produces from protein plus iodine plus selenium.

в—Џ       Growth hormone is stimulated by endorphins (consisting primarily of five amino acids). Also called happiness hormones. Communicate intoxicating happiness when we run at a competitive pace.

So much for the simple part of the instructions. Can you get and take as NEMs. So above all protein, whereby arginine has a special meaning. A “devil’s stuff” with multiple effects. No doping! For example, it dilates the blood vessels and thus ensures significantly better oxygen supply. Will meet us more often in the next few weeks. I take about 7 g daily. One of the others who looked at my training last week was amazed by my declaration of “regenerative DL” for a 20 km run in 4:52 min/km. But what else should you call a jogged DL with an average pulse of 115?

But it goes on. With the above measures alone, you may get ahead as a non-athlete. Now it’s getting tiring! You can’t avoid it if you want to bring your HGH up significantly.

Intensive endurance

sports Endurance training gets the massive hormones going. It is not the duration that is decisive for the formation of HGH but the intensity. See point 5 above: Competition pace! Regardless of whether it is running, cycling, spinning,