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Here’s Why You Should Avoid Mixing Anavar and Alcohol

The use of steroids in the bodybuilding world isn’t something new. We all have heard how well steroids can work, as long as taken in the right dosage and cycle. No matter whether you are looking for muscle gain or weight management, anabolic steroids do have a number of benefits. However, as with most steroids, precaution is the key, and it is essential to understand how Anavar is going to work with alcohol. Here are some quick tips at a glance.

  1. Ideally it is not advisable to mix steroids and alcohol. When we take oral steroids, it impacts the liver, which is also the case with alcohol. Even if you have a healthy liver, it isn’t a good idea to mix both as it can even trigger liver failure. In fact, in many cases, things have gone haywire with bodybuilders, especially when they have continued both alcohol and Anavar on a daily basis.
  2. One of the other things that you must consider is the dosage. While there is no denying that steroids do come with a complete range of complications, it is also true that the side effects are often a result of abuse. Make sure that you check the dose you take, and it is best to start with a smaller dose of Anavar at the start.
  3. If you have confusions with the dosage, always talk to an expert and find the advice they have for you. Typically, most men start with a dose of 25 mg per day, which can be gradually increased to 50 mg per day, depending on the results and objectives of the user. For women, the recommended dosage is just 10 mg per day. Do not increase the dose suddenly, as there can be serious liver issues.
  4. There are times when you would want to sip a drink, and keeping such times in mind, you should reduce the steroid dose for the day. Casual drinking isn’t a bad idea for sure, but you don’t want that to be regular. If you check online, you will find that some alcohol brands are stronger than others, and these are the ones to be avoided.

Make sure that you follow the right cycle, for which you will find online sites handy. Check what other users have to say about different Anavar cycle, and as for alcohol, the more you avoid the better.