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How Penis Enlargement Supplements Can Affect Your Health

There are more supplements available on the market than ever before, with one of the most popular categories being sexual enhancement. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most unregulated supplement categories.

 Even the supplements that are regulated are often recalled quite often, which makes you wonder just how effective drugs that promote penis enlargement really are.

You may have come across countless products that make bold claims about enhancing your member and your sex life but the reality is that none of these supplements will do anything except waste your money.

Many of the products available today have unknown and uncontrolled ingredients that are not approved by organisations such as the FDA.

Before you go ahead and try a penis enlargement supplement that you’ve heard good things about, know that there are safer and more effective alternatives that are available. A penis injections clinic in Sydney will be able to enhance the size and shape of your penis without surgery but more on that later.

The Negative Effects of Penis Enlargement Supplements

– Headaches. A lot of the ingredients that can be found in penis enhancement drugs are known to cause headaches. Unfortunately, other than staying hydrated and taking additional drugs to minimise pain, there is no way to prevent this side effect.

– Dizziness and vertigo. This is probably the one side effect that almost everyone will experience should they choose to take a penis enlargement supplement. In some cases, it can even alter your vision.

– Increased blood pressure. This is by far one of the most dangerous effects of this type of drug. To make matters worse, because men aren’t always willing to admit that they’re taking these types of supplements, their doctors can treat them correctly.

– Nausea and vomiting. A number of the penis enlargement supplements that can be found on shelves will cause some sort of nausea and sometimes vomiting too.

– Heart palpitations. Any pill that makes you feel like your heart is going to explode can’t be good. Not only are heart palpitations scary and uncomfortable but they’re not good over the long term either.

– Allergic reactions. If your body doesn’t agree with one of the many foreign ingredients in a specific supplement, it can lead to an array of allergic reactions that include swelling, rashes, sneezing and itching. Very often these types of symptoms will only appear later on so make a note of when you start taking a new supplement so that you can inform your doctor about it.

Safer Penis Enhancement Alternatives

As mentioned, there are other ways to enhance the size and shape of your penis that doesn’t come with side effects.

Using HA fillers, a penis injections clinic in Sydney can safely increase your girth without needing to make any incisions and without you needing to spend any time at home afterwards. HA fillers are completely safe because they contain a substance that occurs naturally in the body. This also means that the effects of your treatment can be reversed if need be.

While the decision to take a penis enlargement supplement is your own, know that there are better alternatives available to you.