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The Hype Around Climbing Gyms: Workouts Made Fun!

If you are interested in outdoor and adventurous activities, rock climbing should be on your list. For city dwellers, learning the basics of rock climbing is always a bummer. Like most people, you probably don’t have any access to real rocks, so the best bet is a rock climbing center Montreal. In urbane terms, we are talking about climbing gyms, also called bouldering gyms. What’s it all about? Here’s a guide for your help.

What exactly is a climbing gym?

A climbing gym is where you can learn bouldering and basics of rock climbing. Just gyms offer a safe and secure indoor environment, where you have 4-feet high walls to practice bouldering aka indoor rock climbing. Every climbing gym is different in its own way, but most of them do offer courses for rock climbing basics, as well. You can learn from the experts about the lingo, safety aspects and how to actually take your stamina to the next level.

Is bouldering a good form of workout?

Absolutely! Bouldering is not only fun but extremely effective as a form of fitness. You would be using your entire body to climb those walls, often without harness or ropes. As such, it works both for strength training and cardio. Also, bouldering is a flexible means of workout. There are no rules to follow, but with every climb, you will learn more about balancing your body and placing the steps right. Most climbing gyms offer all the gear that’s required for training, and all you need is a good pair of shoes, preferably climbing shoes.

Can anyone join a climbing gym?

Yes, as long as the person doesn’t have heart disease, vertigo and other health conditions. If you have any chronic ailment, consult your doctor first. In general, climbing gyms are recommend for most people, including teens over the age of 15. Also, it is a good option for those who are scared of heights and want to learn rock climbing in a safer environment. The floors of climbing gym are usually padded, and additional safety mats are also used to prevent injuries, in case a person falls down.

No two climbing walls or gyms are the same, and that makes this a great form of innovative workout. You can choose to get a regular pass for such climbing gyms and experience how it all works. Just make sure to find a gym that’s well known and reliable.